The Importance of Grammar

Confusing Grammar

What grammar is and Why it is crucial

there! doing Hope Hello well! you’re

I see you don’t understand what’s going on. I said, “Hello there! Hope you’re doing well!”,
only with the words jumbled. Isn’t it fascinating how the same set of words when put in a certain
order makes perfect sense and in another order is absolute nonsense? That, ladies and
gentlemen, is the power of grammar. Sure, you can convey messages to others using a couple
of words or even a few fragments of sentences. But at the end of the day, that sort of
communication robs the language of its beauty and mostly leads to misinterpretation. Only with
the involvement of grammar is a language at it’s best.

Arranging words in the proper order is only one component of grammar. There are many
more, like punctuation, tense, use of determiners, use of connectors, etc.

Why is grammar essential

When you speak and write with proper grammar, it doesn’t just tell people that you know the
language, but also that you are keen at what you do, i.e., a professional (more importantly when
your career is based on speaking or writing).
When it is nearly impossible to speak like a native speaker of any given language, using
proper grammar goes a long way in helping you master that language.
Grammar is also necessary to interpret literature. Though that mostly has to do with
individual perspectives, grammar supports one to construe what the writer is trying to say.
Grammar is not a luxury, but a necessity. If what you communicate doesn’t have proper
grammar, the chances of misinterpretation are quite high. So it is not a sign of sophistication
when you speak/ write with proper grammar; it is the only right way to do it.

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