What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way of increasing the traffic for your website by displaying top in organic search results in Google or other search consoles. By placing perfect or good SEO for your site you can have new visitors every day. In this post, we explained what is SEO and how it works

How does a Search engine work?

Search Engines are like answer machines. In this section, you can find the methods used by search engines to get keywords & SEO

  • Crawling – In this process the search engine will send bots to analyze the URL of your posts or pages these bots are called spiders, they try to get the following URLs from our pages. If it was a follow link this bot will analyze the link and add it to the caffeine index (by google)
  • Index – After the process of Crawling the contents and pages are stored in the index, If the post or page is stored in the index it will be displayed in the search engines
  • SEO Rank – These Bots run through algorithms, they rank our posts or pages by CTR(Click Through Rate), Bounce rates, and Time Spent in your page. Then Google decides which page to show at the top of the results.

What are the algorithms?


SEO works with algorithms, there are many SEO algorithms that have their own importance to each one. The algorithm is a pre-coded or pre-defined one that has a set of rules included to follow. Search engine Algorithms will analyze the link of your website and run over through your content, videos, pages, blogs, etc,. to get a keyword. Google algorithms like panda, pigeon, hummingbird, Penguin, etc,. each of them has it’s own works like loading speed, keywords, contents.

What is CTR and Bounce Rate

  • CTR(Click Through Rate )– It was the process that identifies the number of viewers clicked on your advertisements and spends time on your page.
  • Bounce Rate –It was the process of calculating the time spend in your website or page, if a viewer bounce back to the search console very quickly will reduce your page rank

How to do it?

  • Keyword -First we should get suitable keywords to our page
  • Analyze the keyword using free keyword planner tools
  • Check the competition and density of chosen keywords
  • And add SEO to your Plugins like jet-pack or other SEO tools

List of things to include in your article to get good SEO

  • Links – Internal and Outbound links will increase your CLR and reduce the bounce rate. If you included the related keyword in your post and you already have a published post in that keyword you can add a link in that word and you can add
  • KeyPhrase – Keyphrase must be included in the SEO title, so the search engine can display your Keyword
  • Meta description – If you didn’t include meta description, Google will automatically detect the first 156 words form your post. If you think the first lines are not good for meta description you can change it.
  • Keyword or Relevant terms – We should use our keyword or relevant terms in our first paragraph to get a better result of SEO, We can use at least three keywords in the post is recommended or we can use more than 10 keywords in a page, but more keyword usage will lead to negative SEO instead of keywords we can use relevant words in it
  • Text length- There must be a minimum of 300 words in your post, we can also write more than 1000 words. Google will analyze the words in the post, we can rank top if we wrote an article with 1000-3000 words in it
  • SEO length – It is better to have a long-tail keyword, so there must be less competition to that word
  • Slug- It is the part of the link
  • Images- Images will make your site attractive and we must add alt attributes in posts because if a viewer has slow internet or some errors in the image it will show the alt attributes

Negative SEO

  • Links & Backlinks -Spammy backlinks and link form will be considered as negative SEO
  • Plagiarism- You website must have a clear and non-copy content
  • Hacks –If Someone hacked your web site and they create more spammy links, it also leads to negative SEO

Best WordPress SEO tools

Now a days 85% of Websites are created by WordPress Software

  • Yoast
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Google XML Site Maps

Best SEO tools

  • SemRush
  • Google Trendz
  • Google keyword analyzer
  • Twin bird
  • SEO book

To get SEO to your website

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