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Email marketing?

Email marketing is the best marketing strategy for sending commercial emails and Promotions for your products or brands. In this marketing platform the host can build 99 % of Website users have their own email account and 95 of them check them regularly, so this is the best platform to maintain the relationship between you and your customers. Email marketing will help our customer or subscriber to know our products, release of new products or articles, Events, and Other essential needs that you like to share with your customer or subscriber. By customer clicking subscribe to your newsletter or any collected mail list from the customer can be used to send mails. Email Marketing is the best Digital Marketing strategy to make more purchases or to gain more visitors.

How does this email marketing work?

Step 1 – Set Your Goal

Choose the base you are going to market, If you are owning a shop and you have a website then you should set a goal to attract new buyers. If you have a website and you depend on the money from the ad impression, you should make the email with the new or popular posts in the mail.

Step 2 – Select the service provider

If you want to send the mail campaigns you must select the best service provider. They will help you to collect subscribers list from your forms, You can also create automation and you get free and premium features from these providers. It can be done by your CRM if you like it to be simple.

Step 3 – Build an Email list

For Beginers-

1.There are many ways to collect your first email list. You can publish your website or newsletter forms as ads on Facebook or Google Ads or LinkedIn etc to get more traffic and collect mail Id’s
2.Then you can create popup newsletter or signup forms to get mail id’s
3.You can check your contact list or mails to export the existing mails
4.There are many agencies ready to offer you email id’s exchange for currency, But we can’t give 100% guarantee to these email id’s

After collecting the List –

1.If you already have this mail list or you finished collecting the list and you want to get more views or visitors for your website post. Make a good post or demand content or create a target post to attract more visitors
2.If you own an eCommerce website you should target or attract the audience by creating offers, discounts, attract the customers with your products, etc.
3.After these you should make the visitors subscribe to your newsletters. So make the good popups or a section or an offer popup or market your subscribe forms to get more subscribers

Step 4 – Start your campaign

Every provider have their own design and some provides free or premium templates , so search for the button .You want to create the best and professional header and footer. Then create the body with the interactive contents by using pictures or gifs or buttons to make it look good.

Step 5 – Finally

After you send the campaign you can set autoresponders like welcome, Thanks, new post, event countdown, etc.

Step 6 – Tracking

You can track number Clicks , Unique opens , Bounces , Unsubscribes , Marked as Spams ,CTR(Click Through Rate)

Email regulations

Every country has its own rules for using the internet and to restrict spammers. In the USA they have the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, in UK Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, In India there are not any special law for Emails commonly they have Information Technology Act, 2000 / 67, China has Regulations on Internet email Services, Cannada has three acts to control spammers.

These acts focus on spammers, according to the CAN-SPAM act you should provide from, replay to, and redirect or routing information must be accurate, you shouldn’t also lie are give a false statement or spam links to the subject if you send an email of 20 or 30 % offer but your website didn’t provide it, it will be marked as spam. You should also include your correct contact information and physical address and the mail must contain an unsubscribe option and you should not send unsubscribed emails manually. To know about more Email acts

Best Free and Premium Providers

1.Mailchimp (free & Premium )

For Free – Up to 2,000 contacts 1 audience included & 9,000 emails per month

For Premium – Mailchimp provide from $10.26/month for this package they give up to 50,000 contacts and 3 audiences

For $15.32/month they give up to 100,000 contacts 5 audiences

For $306.48/month they give 200,000+ contacts and Unlimited audiences. Pricing page

2.Zoho campaigns (free & Premium )

For Free- You can send 12,000 emails per month and you can add up to 2,000 contacts.

For Premium – They provide from $5 or  pay as you go by using email credits

They give email based plan, subscriber based plan and pay by email credits .Pricing page

3.Hubspot ( free $ premium )

For Free – Up to 1million subscribers and 2,000 emails per month

For premium -They gave 2 major plans , First Product and Plans

In Product and Plans they gave 4 options Marketing ,CRM & Sales Customer Service and CMS

In the Marketing option, they give a starter plan for $50/month, they give 1000 marketing contacts (only pay for the contacts that count), for the professional plan they cost $890 / month they give 2000 marketing contacts. And for enterprise, they charge $3200/month they give 10000 marketing contacts.

35 $ -3200$. Pricing page

4.MailerLite (free & premium)

For Free – Up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month

For Premium – They provide from $10-$50, They calculate the pricing by subscribers you have . Pricing page

5.Sender (free & premium)

For Free – Up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month

For Premium – They give us two options one monthly subscription and it stars from 9€ for 5000 subscribers and 60000 emails per month – €199 for 100000 subscribers and 1 200 000 emails per month. And they give prepaid credits starts from €30 for 10000 mails and a maximum of €990 for 1000000 emails. Pricing page

6.Omnisend (free & premium )

For Free – Up to 15,000 emails per month and 3 forms/landing pages

For Premium – Starts from$16/month ,for 15,000 emails and $99/ month , for this plan they give 15,000 emails and as additional $99 in free SMS credits/month.And you can also additionally customize your plan by contacting them. Pricing page

7.Sendinblue (free & premium )

For Free – Unlimited subscriber and can send up to 9000 per month

For Premium– Starts from $25/month as a lite package for this package they give up to 100,000 emails with no daily sending limit and they have a premium plan cost of $65/month they give up to 1,000,000 emails with no sending limit. Pricing page

8.SendPlus (free & premium)

For Free -500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month

For Premium – Starts from $6.4/month with unlimited emails for 500 subscribers and maximum pricing was $4060/month with unlimited emails for 3,500,000 subscribers. Pricing page

9.Moosend (free & premium )

For Free – Up to 1,000 subscribers and Unlimited emails

For Premium – Starts from $8 for 500 subscribers and they give unlimited emails. As a maximum plan,$608 gives you 3,500,000 subscribers, and also you can customize your plans by contacting them. Pricing page

10.Emailoctopus (free & premium )

For Free –Up to 2,500 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month

For Premium – Starts from $20, for this plan they give 5000 subscribers and 50,000 mails. You can quote them with your proposal for more than $910.Pricing page

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