Finally, A job platform that rules out resumes and painful job search!


I came across this whacky jobs platform called Credait ( – Oh wait, I take that back. It is not just about jobs, but making a career out of your passion and hobbies, be it full-time, or part-time or just a one-off situation. And the best part of Credait is this:

  • No resumes are required
  • No more job search or applications
  • Fast & free registration within minutes
  • You can also empower your family and friends for their unique skills

I was impressed with their rich content on their blog page as well as their YouTube channel. It speaks of the most challenging issues when it comes to hiring. There are notes on how job seekers are frustrated with age-old hiring practices. Believe me when I say this, but this platform seems to have understood every pain-point that job seekers go through. They also devote a dedicated section to the companies and hiring recruiters to challenge the status quo and adopt simpler methods of qualitative hiring.

As I was gazing through their content, one point clearly stood out, and that is their emphasis on the importance of not just the candidate’s experience, but also on their passion and personality. I mean, think of the following scenarios where someone’s personality and passion is equally or more important than qualifications:

  • A candidate with over 10,000 followers in Instagram would be ideal for a marketing position than an MBA degree in marketing
  • A sales position in an insurance company where a candidate with competitive and experimental personality traits are key than an introverted candidate with a 10-year commerce experience
  • People who are good are solving analytical puzzles would be ideal for market analyst profiles as it requires thinking out-of-box scenarios
  • People who are voracious readers by passion will invariably make good journalists or copyrighters
  • Those passionate about debates and public speaking will make for great teachers or suit ideally for positions requiring operational leadership
  • People passionate about photography and cooking can be hired as consultants for making effective videos

I hope you can analyze where I am going by describing these examples. If you guessed that the combinations of qualifications, passion and personality makes every human unique in this planet, then yes, you guessed it right. Credait’s foundation is based on this principle. In fact, the word “Credait,” is an acronym for Credentials (qualifications), dreams (passion), and traits (personality).

Credentials + dreams + traits = Credait

This makes me wonder, all this time, why didn’t anybody think of such a value proposition? Instead, companies are writing boringly long job descriptions, and many people have to painfully read these descriptions and apply for every position like this, each taking 30 to 40 minutes per application. This is not only a waste of time, but very stressful. No wonder everyone cringes at the mere mention of job search, because it is literally agonizing.

If I have subject expertise and skill that is unique, I would like to get pursued for my uniqueness. This makes sense because not every company you apply to is going to reply to you. They only get back to you if you have the credentials they look for right? Then why I, as a job seeker, have to waste my time in applying for random jobs? Does this make any logical sense? As a job seeker, there is only a limited set of qualifications I have, and it is up to the companies to pursue me. In other words, a random company insists on certain expertise, skills, and personality and if I happen to match those, then I should get pursued. It’s as simple as that.

That is why it makes no sense for candidates to search and apply for jobs. Hiring should be a one-way street. I mean companies are the ones who should pursue candidates because they know what metrics they look for. This implies that I will be the best match for some companies and not the best for others, and that is perfectly fine. Isn’t this the fact of life in general? At least I would be happy knowing that a company came to me because of the uniqueness I offer.

Again, why didn’t anybody think of this? Well, that’s not the point to worry about now. The good news is that such a radical and revolutionary platform is in existence, and I urge you all to check it out. Again, check out their original content. You will be shocked at how stupidly the existing hiring protocols work, and how miserably we have been part of this illogical nonsense without even realizing it. The best part is, Credait has this “Add Associates” feature that allowed me to add my lazy brother’s profile in it. Imagine the possibilities of this feature. Even retired people in your home can be empowered for their talent. You can add them, and hey, maybe they will be surprised by someone pursuing them.

To summarize, here is a platform, that does not require my resume, does not want me to search for jobs, but instead, it makes companies come after me, based on my credentials and personality, and it also allows me to empower my family and friends. Wow! Let that sink in! This is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Heck, I hope my passion can become a full-time career soon. I am so impressed by Credait that I hope I get pursed by them to work in their office. So spread the word boys and girls. I think in this digital age, we owe it to empower ourselves through Credait Platform.

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